28-Jun-21 11:56
You made it look easy!

27-May-21 03:00
real good stuff

23-May-21 06:06
thx 4 all drivers

17-May-21 02:31
Thumbs up... thx for Bcm43142a0

06-May-21 17:34
Now you’ve got it right for Bcm43142a0.

02-May-21 22:30
I've been waiting for this driver to come out for a long time!

08-Apr-21 14:21
Good ! :D

13-Nov-20 21:05
Amazing, much love for the uploader.

08-Aug-20 18:15
i was looking for Bcm43142a0 for ages...

30-Jul-20 22:33
You’ve got the hang of it.

27-May-20 23:43

06-May-20 11:14
very good driver for Bcm43142a0. Thank you

25-Feb-20 20:03
Works 100%. Thank you.