19-May-21 09:16
dude .. its soo slow

19-Apr-21 20:45
THX from Croatia!

22-Feb-21 03:48

21-Feb-21 01:17
Not a bad DL speed... Ev1938-4ch pci sound card

24-Jan-21 05:54
I'll give it a shot, hopefully that works!

07-Dec-20 15:34
Good for you.

10-Nov-20 22:04
Everything works great with drivers for Ev1938-4ch pci sound card

21-Oct-20 00:16

21-Sep-20 06:42
thx 4 all drivers

10-May-20 06:36
Thank you! Good work

13-Apr-20 21:29
100% real and working for Ev1938-4ch pci sound card