22-Jul-21 04:02
really fast download, thanks!

18-Apr-21 07:32
awesome, works brilliantly!

15-Apr-21 18:20
You’ve got the hang of it.

18-Feb-21 04:54
Took me a few seconds =) Recommeding!

08-Sep-20 22:07
You are magnificent.

30-Jul-20 15:19
Thank you very much for this great driver!

04-May-20 14:57
this is great thanks so much

02-May-20 15:24
You’ve got it made!

22-Apr-20 09:31
You have just about got it.

29-Feb-20 09:50
That’s great for Rtl8188s wlan adapter.

05-Jan-20 23:55
perfect Rtl8188s wlan adapter Drivers